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Tai chi could help ease depression, anxiety among stroke survivors

Taylor-Piliae et al. focused on 11 stroke survivors who reported experiencing symptoms associated with depression. Their average age was 70 years old, and 55% were male. All study participants attended three tai chi classes per week for eight weeks. Each class included a 10-minute warm-up period, 40 minutes of tai chi and 10 more minutes […]

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Study finds diabetics could be at risk for depressive symptoms

Depression could be exacerbated post-long COVID, says expert. A fall out of post-long COVID among those who do not control their diabetes is that they may require psychiatric support to help them keep depression at bay. An article in Diabetes Care, authored by 10 experts from developing countries who studied the prevalence of depression among […]

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T-Pain says he was depressed after Usher said he 'f-ed up music'

T-Pain says he was depressed after Usher said he 'f-ed up music' | Skip to content Top Navigation Close this dialog window Explore Close this dialog window Share options Close this dialog window View image T-Pain says he experienced depression after Usher said he 'f‑‑‑ed up music' by using Auto-Tune this link is […]

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Twenty-year study links childhood depression to disrupted adult health and functioning

Washington, DC, June 21, 2021 - Depression in youth, between the ages of 10 and 24 years, is both a leading cause of stress and a possible risk factor for future diseases and impairment. Now, a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP), published by Elsevier, confirms that […]

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Potential Link Found Between Depression, Kidney Failure

Adults with normal kidney function who have comorbid depression are more likely to experience a decline in kidney function and have mental and physical impairments from that decline. Adults with normal kidney function who have comorbid depression are more likely to experience a decline in kidney function, as measured by estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) […]

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Pinnacle Peak Recovery offers help for addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, and self-worth

Pinnacle Peak Recovery is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living You know how a car engine has all those parts working together? Our brains and bodies are kind of like that too. Sometimes one thing that needs to be changed affects another thing, so then two things need to be changed. We call that a […]

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Certain psychotherapies offer effective, long-term treatment for adult depression

Source/Disclosures Disclosures: Healio Psychiatry was unable to confirm relevant financial disclosures at time of publication. ADD TOPIC TO EMAIL ALERTS Receive an email when new articles are posted on Please provide your email address to receive an email when new articles are posted on . […]

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Tropical Depression Claudette leaves 13 dead in its wake

A major crash about 35 miles south of the Alabama capital took 10 lives Saturday. ATLANTA — Eight children in a van from a youth home for abused or neglected children were killed in a fiery multi-vehicle crash on a wet interstate that also killed a man and his baby in another vehicle, the most […]

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Deadly Tropical Depression Claudette Batters South - Yahoo Finance

Deadly Tropical Depression Claudette Batters South  Yahoo Finance

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Mental health on hold in the Hudson Valley

Lingering depression from prolonged COVID isolation, coupled with reopening anxiety has spurred many people to seek therapists. And, in their moment of need, they’re increasingly being met with waitlists. “We’re pretty overwhelmed here. The volume is like nothing I have seen before,” says Wendy Keller, LCSW at Behavioral Health Services of the Hudson Valley [BHSHV] […]

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