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vigfxVigFX belongs to the highly innovative non-artificial male enhancers which feature impressive potency able to improve sexual performance in men.

You will find this supplement in the form of soft gelcaps which enjoy a great popularity among a huge number of men from all over the globe.

Enteric coating which covers the pills doesn’t allow the dissolution of pill components in the stomach.

Instead, these components start demonstrating their efficacy in the small intestine.

If there is no enteric coating, you will take advantage just of 15% of the supplement ingredients. But in case of VigFX, bioavailability ranges between 80% and 90%. It’s a very high efficacy rate.

Male enhancement pills are manufactured in compliance with the maximum absorption technology. That’s why the intake of this pill is a win-win solution for restoring sexual function in men.


VigFX supplementation is associated with a wide spectrum of unquestionable benefits:

  • Solid, big, and long-lasting erections
  • Incredible sex drive
  • Upsurge of sexual stamina and endurance
  • Much more virile strength
  • Decreased breaks between sexual intercourses
  • High intensity of orgasms
  • Revived bedroom satisfaction
  • Restored self-esteem
  • Improvement of overall well-being

What Science Tells

The manufacturer’s claims of product efficacy are not baseless since they are supported with the plausible results of the triple-blind randomized study.

The study the duration of which was 84 days evaluated how the supplement influenced the men’s bodies by means of the Globally Recognized International Index of Erectile Function.

The study has proven that the supplement:

  • Helps the erectile tissues contain 62.82% more blood
  • Facilitates penetration by 58.97%
  • Makes orgasms 22.49% more intense and rememberable
  • Gives a 71.43% boost to bedroom satisfaction
  • Raises libido by 47.00%
  • Enhances overall sexual health by 61.00%

What and When to Expect

You have to take the supplement for 3 months to see satisfactory gains. You will get these gains in a gradual way.

One Month
It’s necessary to take the pill for 30 days in order to experience a considerable increase in the erect manhood measurements due to the highly active penile blood circulation.

Two Months
If you consume the supplement for 60 days, you can achieve noticeably increased penis thickness. The enhancement of sex drive and sexual vigor promotes better satisfaction with intimate life.

Three Months
3 months of supplementation will help you tackle the issue of insufficient libido and poor erections. The improvement happens completely naturally.

The Bottom Line

VigFX is an exclusive male enhancement product which includes only natural components. This supplement is a well-working non-synthetic solution for each man who doesn’t want or can’t use strong prescription medications and/or undergo a surgery to repair the erectile function.

The supplement differs from the other male enhancers because of its unbelievable bioavailability and the unique formula. 90 days of the pill intake will enable you to successfully deal with sexual disabilities.

As a result of supplementation, you will have firmer and bigger erections, feel higher sexual desire, revive endurance, experience brighter orgasms, lift energy levels, and strengthen your relationship.

The multi-purchase offers will bring you even more advantages.