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Male reproductive system/Prostate Cancer/BPH/Prostatitis…


Have YOU been struggling, fighting, reading and stressing yourself over it?
You are not the only one… and you are not alone

This title contains various topics on prostate gland health. The fact is, people are often quite confused when they go online: everybody tries to SELL SELL SELL.

Let’s see some different subjects that will be discussed on this site:

Prostate Cancer

Cancer is among the diseases of the last century. It kills, and nobody knows how and why it occurs. It affects all organs in our body, and the prostate couldn’t be avoided: prostate cancer is a huge subject nowadays among urologists and oncologists. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in American men.

And the mystery spreads as nobody really knows how it appears, what are it’s true causes etc. All we have are THEORIES. In this site you can find information on prostate cancer treatment(s), prostate cancer symptoms, prostate cancer new treatment(s) and so on.

Male reproductive system

All issues of the male reproductive system will be discussed, and their relation to male menopause (andropause). Some scientists are still reluctant on assessing that there is such a thing, yet others realize that after a certain age, the male reproductive system (more precisely the gonads, or the testes) secretes low testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement therapy is used sometimes, but there are there are testosterone therapy effects(s) which can not be ignored. After all, aging is aging, it is a part of life, and we should learn to accept it.

Male reproductive system is best to be understood and taken care of at the right time. It is not only a source of pleasure for the men of today, this is an ignorant view on the subject, and we should learn as soon as possible what is NORMAL and what it ABNORMAL in the sphere of sexual behavior. And when a certain age comes, learn to live with honor and stop chasing the bad habits of today’s “horny” kids: male menopause is a fact that one should accept with his whole being. And learn to live a dignifying life until the last second.

[Excuse the non-scientific language]

Saw Palmetto

Also known as Serenoa Repens, Serenoa Serrulata.

(Some) doctors still doubt the effects of natural methods. They say these methods are not scientific. The fact is our ancestors and the old shamans and medicine men can still cure diseases that the medicine of today can not. And this is a scientific fact, since one can experiment it, and the experiment is repetitive. This should -under no circumstances- be a matter of EGO, or talks: IT IS a matter of life and death.

Saw Palmetto is of great help for all prostate diseases. Although saw palmetto does not affect certain hormonal levels, there is clinical evidence to suggest that its mechanism of action is similar to that of the commonly prescribed prostate drug finasteride (Proscar).

Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is both a therapeutical procedure, when it can relieve some of the prostatic pains or affections, as well as what is the well known prostate exam DRE in the world of prostate gland investigation methods, acronym for male enhancement supplements. Of course, some people see this from a different point of view: they want prostate massage technique tips, self prostate milking, prostate massage orgasm tips or self prostate massage. This is a large subject in itself, and we will try to cover it as well as possible in the site.

However, bear in mind that doctors have realized nowadays that this can be a dangerous procedure sometimes, as it can spread an infection throughout the body, be it prostate cancer or prostatitis. Therefore, if you have a prostate gland disorder, better consult your doctor before going on with prostate massage.

Other aspects:
Too much prostate stimulation leads to prostate diseases in the end. Learn to respect your body: if we step on the “path of no return”, that’s it. The youth nowadays should know that excessive prostate stimulation leads to sexual prostate diseases and sexual disorders in the end.
Prostate exam(s) have limitations. They are all accurate to some extents. Learn about these things, be informed, so that when you do a prostate exam, you know what to expect.
Impotence, although sometimes of psychological causes, can also have a physical origin, and the man who suffered consequences of prostate disease treatments of nowadays know best.



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