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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is mainly aimed at protecting the confidential information which the users provide to us.

To ensure trouble-free website performance and excellent customer experience, we utilize the latest security technologies available in our industry.

The third parties never obtain the private information that we get from the website users.

Privacy Policy Amendments

The content available on this website can be changed when we think it is needed to ensure that the users get the most exhaustive information. In such a way, we also make sure that this information complies with high quality standards and ethical principles. Hence, it is advisable to get acquainted with the content on a regular basis to keep abreast the latest changes on this website.

But regardless of modifications on the website, we preserve confidentiality of the information which the users provide to us. We want to note that the personal data can be kept only after the expression of consent. Also, private information cannot be used for drawing income.

Data We Do not Gather

The users’ personal data is never demanded on this website. To make the content accessible to the users here, we do not need to know the users’ real names, addresses and/or other confidential information. Hence, if you yet give us this data, only you bear liability for this decision.

Significant Information Concerning Underage Persons

We never practice collecting confidential information form underage persons who didn’t reach age 13.

Which Information We Do Gather

Hereinafter we will specify the purposes for which information is gathered.

Newsletter Subscriptions

Everyone has an opportunity to sign up for our newsletter of one’s own free will. This is possible only if the user gives us information about his or her email address.

The users receive the latest newsletter instantly after we post it. We make a decision on the newsletter publication frequency as it deems appropriate.

If the user does not want to further receive the newsletter, he or she can unsubscribe immediately.


The users who start using our website are agreeable to the cookies we utilize. The cookies are placed on the user’s hard drive by the website. These cookies increase the level of the users’ security while using the website services. Deletion of cookies from the users’ hard drives is possible at any time.

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Terms and Conditions precisely state for which purposes the users are allowed to utilize the information provided on this website. The data from this website is inaccessible for the third parties.

Purposes for Which Information Is Gathered

We may need some of the users’ data for the following purposes:
To give the users an access to the products and services available on this website
To provide promotions and offerings given by this website to the users
To offer the users a possibility to timely get acquainted with the latest changes on the website

Links to Other Websites

The links to other websites are published on this website on a regular basis. We make every effort to verify integrity and authenticity of the links we provide. We want to note that the websites linked to this website provide the comprehensive data related to the data posted on this website. But we emphasize that we are not exposed to liability for the information published on the linked websites.