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Penis Enlargement Devices – The Fact About It


Since the penis is not made of muscles we can not enlarge it with traditional exercises. The better ways to enlarge the penis are stretching the suspensory ligaments, fibrous tunica, and spongy chambers. The first one attaches the penis to the abdomen and the second one surround the shaft of the penis. The last one holds the blood when we erected.

The penis enlargement devices are focus on the development of these thtree areas. It stretches the penis in an extended state and that leads the cell in the ligaments and tunica eventually multiply. The end result is lengthening and widening of the penis. The benefits of penis enlargement devices are as follows.

1) Increase the number of cells.
2) It helps to increase the length of the penis both in flaccid and erect position.
3) It helps to increase the width when the penis is erect or when it is flaccid.
4) It increases the length and girth permanently.
5) In any way it does not affect badly the ejaculation erection and performance.

The penis enlargement devices woks by applying traction force on the penis. The pair of calibrated bars in the curved bases is adjustable which fits into the base of the penis and the bands which are certified as surgical-grade holds the head of the penis steady and therefore the device fits at both ends of the penis. We can set required amount of pressure or force.

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This continuous stretching leads to increase the space between the cells and it allows the penis to divide and fills in these spaces. The increase in the number of cells and the growth of new tissues makes the penis to grow.

The mythology of traction treatment has been approved by a lot of doctors and they are also and recommended by them in many segments of medicine including surgery, injury, burns or trauma. It is the fact that many hospitals around the world use traction devices in the treatment of penis related problems.

Some companies claim that the penis enlargement device can achieve one to two inches of growth in just a few months. It may be sometimes un-realistic. So it can be recommend that if you are thinking about to start enlargement process, you need to set a realistic goal. It will probably take many months, at least, to achieve your goal.

If you are the beginner in the penis enlargement process and trying to use the penis enlargement devices you nee to start with minimum amount of force and try to know how your body respond. After couple of weeks you can increase the force. You also need to consider that not to overdo it. The producers say that not use more then three to four hours a day.

The combination of penis enlargement devices and penis enlargement patches will contribute a better result. The first one enhances the increased blood flow towards the penis while other helps to increase the level of require hormone for the development of penis.



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