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Best Natural Testosterone Pills of 2018


Natural testosterone pills are an excellent alternative way to stimulate adequate testosterone production using the power of nature. Testosterone is the leading sex hormone for the male body.

Thanks to it, the stronger sex develops masculine features such as gruff voice, male-pattern hair growth, strong muscles, leadership skills, endurance, aggression, etc. In addition, testosterone regulates libido, male potency, and high-quality spermatogenesis. Recently, relatively young and healthy men have begun to increasingly experience insufficient testosterone production. This worsens the men’s overall health and sexual function in particular. Moreover, testosterone in men decreases with age. But it’s possible to avoid the health problems if you take the necessary measures in time. What are these measures?

Testosterone Increase with Medicines

You can improve male hormone profile with the help of a synthetic hormone which the scientists synthesize in the laboratories as a human testosterone analog. You can administer hormone in pill form, through injections or as a gel. Synthetic drugs are easy to digest and maintain the necessary hormone levels during the day. However, like all the medicines of unnatural origin, the synthetic hormone drugs are associated with a high risk of dangerous side effects. Therefore, the question of how to treat testosterone deficiency in men using natural remedies is very relevant. So, how can you help yourself in raising hormone naturally?

Unhealthy Food Refusal

If a man wants to be a man, he shouldn’t eat junk food. Thus, to normalize your testosterone levels, you have to refuse unhealthy food, such as fast food, soft drinks, mayonnaise, smoked food, white bread, pastries, sugar, fatty meat, fatty milk, soybean oil, corn oil, flaxseed oil, and all other kinds of processed foods. Unhealthy food affects the testosterone production. Furthermore, some foods, for example, smoked food directly destroy testicular tissues which actually produce testosterone.

No Alcohol

In men’s bodies, alcohol provokes testosterone conversion into estrogen. In addition, alcohol causes systemic harm to the whole body which cannot but worsens the hormone production. Moreover, alcohol by volume doesn’t matter in terms of its negative effect. For example, beer contains analogues of female sex hormones which catastrophically affect the male hormone profile. If you can’t completely get rid of alcohol consumption, at least don’t abuse it.

Balanced Diet

If your daily meals include testosterone-increasing foods, it’s possible to normalize the hormone levels without any additional measures and stimulants. Among these foods, there are:

Seafood (sea fish, shellfish, shrimp, crabs, oysters).
Fresh vegetables and fruits (currant, lemon, citrus, melon, carrots, tomatoes, yellow pepper, raisins, etc.).
Cooking herbs (dill, parsley, basil, coriander, and rocket salad).
Cereals (millet, corn, pearl barley, oatmeal, and buckwheat).
Enough Fats

To restore hormonal balance, fats should be up to 30% of your daily calorie intake. However, don’t overdo with polyunsaturated fats which are found in fatty fish, as well as in corn oil and sunflower oil. Focus on monounsaturated fats (olive oil, peanut butter, nuts, and avocado) and saturated fats (red meat, egg yolks, and dairy products).

Micro- and Macronutrients

Zinc is the main essential micronutrient required for the testosterone synthesis. Therefore, you should take care of its sufficient intake with food or supplements. In addition, you can’t do without magnesium and selenium. Selenium also participates in the testosterone production. Besides, this micronutrient has a direct impact on the male fertility. Magnesium is an important macronutrient that has an ability to increase the levels of bioavailable testosterone by reducing the globulin production.


For good health, men need all vitamins. But the following vitamins play a special role in elevating testosterone levels. Thus, vitamin C is an antioxidant that inhibits the cortisol secretion. Vitamin E is another antioxidant that helps insulin cope with increased sugar levels. Vitamin D enhances absorption of calcium and converts estrogen into its weaker forms. By the way, don’t be afraid of sunbathing. Sun exposure contributes to vitamin D production. So, the sun is very important for raising testosterone levels. B vitamins also boost the sex hormones synthesis.

Gradual Weight Loss

Burn off excess fat. Fat promotes the estrogen secretion. That’s why men with beer bellies have feminine features (wide hips, narrow shoulders, enlarged breasts). If your weight exceeds your ideal body weight by 30%, you can forget about normal testosterone production. But don’t even think of starving to lose weight. This will only exacerbate the situation. And the testosterone production will drastically drop. Only gradual weight loss thanks to the well thought-out workouts and healthy diet can help you.

Strength Training

Strength training is the best choice for raising testosterone levels. Strength exercises include squat, deadlift, barbells, dumbbell bench press, overhead press, and pull-ups. Avoid over exercising since it can have a detrimental effect on the hormone levels. The optimum training frequency is 3-4 per week. And don’t forget that not all exercises are useful for the male hormone profile. Thus, aerobic exercise can lead to muscle fatigue which in turn results in the increase in cortisol levels and the decrease in testosterone levels.

Stress Management

Chronic stress results in deviation of sexual function due to the excessive cortisol secretion. Too high cortisol levels lead to testosterone neutralization. Long-term inhibition of testosterone synthesis can significantly decrease sex drive in men and even cause impotence. Overcome anxiety and stress using special stress control techniques.
best testosterone pills

Natural Testosterone Pills

One more proven method to elevate your male hormone levels safely is to use natural testosterone and ED pills. The sensational combinations of extremely powerful natural ingredients make these pills a great weapon. The supplements allow you to effectively fight the impaired testosterone production function. In fact, natural testosterone pills have a perfect clinical effectiveness. In addition, male enhancement pills are used for enhancing the man’s body endurance and increasing muscle strength. Furthermore, these products have a great positive impact on the male libido and sexual stamina.

Raise Testosterone Levels

If your health practitioner has diagnosed you with reduced testosterone, how can you raise a testosterone stage? You’ll find lots of procedures.
Testosterone replacement therapy is the professional medical way for someone to increase a testosterone stages. Alternative therapy can take a lot of different forms. One particular from the widespread methods is an intramuscular injection. A health care provider will give a prescription for intramuscular testosterone. You inject yourself the prescribed number of times, about once each and every 1-4 weeks depending on your condition. Other health care treatments include scrotum pouches, ointment rubs, and oral medicines.

Wholesome way of life alternatives will bring about raise testosterone concentrations as properly. Consuming a proper diet plan is an individual while in the far more vital systems. Having sufficient calories and consuming enough, but not as well very much, fat can boost testosterone stages. Other quite good life style possibilities contain avoiding smoking, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, and having sufficient workout.
Nevertheless, the life style selections aren’t always adequate. You can find other natural means to improve testosterone levels. Testyx TPL is often a pure supplement designed specifically to boost testosterone levels in both men and females.

Testyx TPL uses a combination of 3 potent components. They’re testofen, octacosanol, and LJ100. These three elements by themselves increase testosterone levels. Testyx TPL combines them, so it is like having three supplements in 1. The substances activate hormone secreting glands. When stimulated, these glands will produce testosterone and other hormones that result in increased serum androgenic hormone or testosterone.

When you elevate testosterone levels, you’ll be able to feel younger again. High testosterone gives a man or woman a feeling of vitality, energy, and can make them more capable to live handle physical activity. Whether you would like to raise testosterone levels for superior sexual wellness, better bodily well being, or to merely feel better, Testyx TPL is the safe, natural way to do it.



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