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Myths of masturbation


Weight all pros and cons and make an experiment

Were you ever influenced with a thought that for a grown-up person masturbation is “useful as live water”? How about that all types of orgasms are the same? That the notion of “excessive ejaculation” does not exist? Or that if you do not masturbate, your health will suffer “horrible” consequences?

Such ideas are fed by rumors that are not based on any medical facts. It’s opposite, increasingly more studies rejects those rumors. Scientist Rue Migel Coshta made a consequence in the recent study (mentioned below):

Masturbation is closely connected with psychotic damage and impotence.

The grounded and checked information on masturbation is extremely important for us today. As the high-speed endless erotic novelty appears available in just one click, it is difficult for the user to understand signals of excess. Besides, for modern young people masturbation and Internet porn have become synonyms, that is why if masturbation is “really” useful, Internet porn will help you become healthier. “Logic” in its best form.

It does not mean that you should feel guilty for masturbation. It means that you should realize the usefulness of managing your sexual attraction. Here are just five of the popular myths of masturbation:

Myth No. 1: Frequent masturbation prevents prostate cancer

Orgasm during the sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is considered useful for the body, NOT masturbation. Nevertheless, many researchers of prostate cancer undoubtedly conceal this information just answering badly-formulated questions. They suppose that any ejaculation will influence prostate cancer in the similar way and consider masturbation, sexual intercourse or pollution just an “ejaculation”. Besides, they should take into consideration the memory of sexual activities from a decade ago.

It is not surprising that the research results are not clear.

What is the consequence? The frequency of ejaculation is not connected with an increase of the prostate cancer rate. Unfortunately, some groups that informed of the connection between ejaculation frequency and the decreased level of prostate cancer (only in some age groups) were the ones that grabbed everybody’s attention. They gave life to a popular myth: “The more frequently a person of any age masturbates, the better he is protected of prostate cancer.”

Not a single research proves such “optimistic” suggestions completely. As a matter of fact, when the studies revealed the difference between masturbation and the sexual intercourse, frequent masturbation has become more a marker for an increased risk of early prostate cancer. A sexual intercourse can help protect from prostate cancer in later years and does not influence young people.

Not speaking of prostate cancer, in men with erection dysfunction frequent masturbation is connected with other prostate problems: Increased antigen levels, swelling and softening of a prostate.

In other words, an attempt to masturbate to prevent the risk of a prostate cancer will not work.

Myth No. 2: Frequent masturbation will make your sexual life brighter

Do you realize that twitching off is specifically associated with a lessening in sexual capacity (both in men and in ladies), inability to get fulfillment in the relations and a decline of sexual fascination between accomplices? Frequent masturbation is associated with numerous sorrow manifestations and different pointers of awful physical and emotional wellness – sharp increment in circulatory strain as a reaction to push, undesirable dependence on the individual and juvenile mental assurance. The studies don’t permit expressing specifically that the masturbation is the motivation to these issues, however on the foundation of these information it is as of now excessively muddled, making it impossible to continue, consequently, masturbation resemble the water of life. When all is said in done, on the off chance that you are so fortunate to have a sexual accomplice, take after the humorist’s recommendation and make masturbation your “auxiliary” decision.

Myth No. 3: Orgasm is merely a climax

Since a gathering of clinicians chose that any sexual conduct (sex, masturbation) is comparable, it was not endorsed by any sort of evidence. It was preferably a proposal than a certainty. (Stuart Brody, a researcher therapist)

As it was at that point specified over, the sex (hetero) emphatically impacts mental and physical wellbeing, sexual capacity and close relations with the accomplice – in examination with masturbation and different sorts of sexual conduct. As one lady specifies:

I didn’t have morning discouragements after climaxes for 10 years of my sexual relations with my spouse. All the love that filled our connections smooths and covers the negative impact the climax gets on me as a dowager. Climax with the adored one is altogether different from a climax alone.

Such a behavior is considered by the primitive part of our brain as the gesture of affection. Such gestures connect people as they calm protective behavior of the brain while releasing oxytocin in the brain parts. This is a natural mechanism for getting calm. Regular soft touch or hugs, for example, are proved to decrease blood pressure, especially in men.

Are harmonic intimate relations a sign of affection, unlike masturbation? The clear difference can be seen even in the hormonal decoding of both types of activities. For example, in the climax of the sexual act releases four times more prolactin than during masturbation, suspending sexual desire for some time. In other words, orgasms obtained by various methods may not be equivalent in their effects. And it is quite natural that the sexual act gives a greater psychological and physical rewards than masturbation because evolution approves the behavior that allows you to push forward on their genes to future generations. The exchange of gentle touch is considered as a reward, since it develops affection among partners – and offspring with two committed guardians has a better chance to survive. In addition, as indicated by Brody and other researchers, the evolution would have chosen the sexual intercourse because the impulse to masturbation entails the consumption of own suitability. In fact, today’s excessive incentives are more than capable to carry away some users from more useful intercourse (and genetic transmission).

It is clear now that masturbation is also suitable for those who have sexual relations, but the important thing is that it is not the missing element of happiness. In fact, a higher rate of masturbation is associated with dissatisfaction with several aspects of life, the lack of frequency of sexual intercourse, but also reduces the pleasure of intercourse.

If you compare the sexual intercourse and masturbation, you will find the difference in a few days.

Myth No. 4: There is never too much masturbation

Young people mention that too much masturbation can really happen with modern high-speed porn. Here are several indicators (taken from the messages of highly-addicted Internet porn users):

•Masturbation till “dry” ejaculation or climax diseases

•Diseases and callosities from the large quantity of frictions

•Loss of sensitivity during the sexual intercourse

•Loss of interest to real sex with real partners, unusual sexual preferences, decrease of testosterone

•Pulling the culmination by hours, often because masturbation becomes less pleasant.

•Other chronic symptoms associated with dependence: sociopathy, haze, depression, problems of young people willing to have sex and strong cancel failure syndrome

Why the culture created by us did not investigate the likelihood of excessive masturbation? Perhaps because even until recently, only a small number of people faced this problem

The blame can be assumed by an unhindered access to the ever-new sexual stimuli too hot, so we can give them up after satiation, which gives a lift and our brains start depending on the hook.

This is a new phenomenon by now and it was still not connected to the reality. As the prove, there are many heart-breaking stories and the role of high-speed Internet in them is obvious.

I was a bodybuilder. I lost weight from 100 kg to 82 kg despite that I was going in for sports, eating a lot of organic food. I have managed to lose myself up to the complete emptiness. I got all those strange and irrational fears of people. My voice became shallow, if you understand what i mean. I became non-solid and weak. I lost myself. I was in constant depression, stopped leaving the house, my friends gradually disappeared from my life. Now I’m a skinny, pale, clumsy pervert, yes, and despite the fact that I was the soul, the King of our campus. What the heck! I have NOT USED ANY OPPORTUNITY IN MY LIFE, but instead hooked on porn and began to masturbate more often. And that’s all. I still was determined positively, eating healthy foods, doing sports, and so on. THE ONLY indicator that grew was the number of “affairs” with women on the screen. I quite seriously could not concentrate and be aware of anything after a “spree”, and on some days I literally was bedridden due to eyestrain.
Look more attentively at the poor colleague of this guy:

A while back, the organization gave new phones conceivable outcomes of use joining to representatives who did not have them yet. Also, it wouldn’t have been long before my partner started to investigate the universe of porn. One day, he was driving an organization auto and stroking off in the meantime, DESPITE THE FACT that another associate was in the auto with him. Furthermore, it has likewise obliterated his association with his wife, since he would rather return home and watch porn as opposed to having intercourse

No amount of any orgasms or orgasm delays in any way will be able to saturate the dependent brain, so the individuals who are snared with smut feel as though they never get enough. At the point when folks who are genuinely dependent on porn attempt to surrender, they frequently encounter a makeshift, however on edge diminish in charisma and penis affectability – also other aggravating withdrawal side effects – this may in dread take them back to porn… significantly more profound into compulsion.

Myth No. 5: You will not be able to refuse masturbation without harm for yourself

Thousands of guys (and girls) find out that while refusing porn or masturbation and even temporarily restraining from/refusing masturbation, they receive the sexual effect which is far from harm – they receive usefulness. On the forums, you may find a lot of reviews of that. Here are just some of them:

I’m twenty-odd years… and I have neglected many relations because of the use of porn. I was slightly irritable, critical, shy and defenseless – the list is long. I started to refrain from porn since last summer (I did not even know that I had a problem then), but I really feel a huge difference! I became more conscious, happier, more socialized, optimistic and stable. I became brave, outwardly calm; life has become as it should be. I was witty, sociable, active, and more creative than ever.
I’m 21 and I have accumulated a lot of things that you need to make up for all those lost years. To say that I have become spineless is to say nothing at all. I became too emotional, I did not have any confidence or clarity of mind, I lost the ability to reason. And I spent YEARS in this condition. Now I’m in control of myself, I’m stable, focused, confident and I have a very clear mind. And all this in just 22 days. When you keep your energy, you receive an unshakable will and all the previously impregnable walls become knee-deep.
The next day, I found different cards with reports and evaluations of teachers: before I started masturbating regularly and after. There was an obvious difference in my performance and my teachers’ evaluations. Yes, maybe it was a coincidence, but I noticed how much more focused and productive I was when I was leaving masturbating even for a short time.
Now, when you have managed to study popular myths of masturbation, challenge yourself for a couple of months, give yourself a promise and see what happens. Each one has own habits and brains.

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