Male Extra Male Enhancement Pills (2020, March)

male extra pills review

Bedroom weakness is able to knock out any man without an exception.

Nothing can be more frustrating than inability to demonstrate own unbeaten virile strength and sexual potency.

But there is a pill that will definitely help feed the flame of passion again.

The men who take this pill experience a substantially increased sexual desire and much stronger erections with a desirable duration.

The supplement also makes men last longer in bed, feel energized, and have brighter orgasms.

And it even helps enlarge an erect penis size.

For almost a decade, this pill met the demands of more than 150,000 men who revived their sexual confidence by undergoing Male Extra supplementation.

This proves that the product is worth trusting.

When buying this supplement without any prescription, you have a great chance to supercharge your sexual performance and boost mutual satisfaction.

Mechanism of Action

This supplement works by naturally strengthening erectile function since a firm, long-lasting erection is a mandatory condition for an impressive sex.

The pill is sure to bring your erections to a much higher level by stimulating the increased blood supply to genitals.

The erectile tissues in the penis require blood to cause the erection. If these tissues hold a high amount of blood, the erection will be hard and big.

The pill components are responsible for the expansion of penile blood vessels.

When these vessels expand, a better blood circulation in the penis leads to stronger erections and brighter orgasms.

Also, the enhancement of blood supply contributes to the fact that the time necessary for nutrients and oxygen to reach the body cells decreases.

That’s why tiredness disappears, while sexual stamina grows. The pill cures the impairment of erectile function in the long run.


Male Extra male enhancement pills feature one of the most powerful formulas on the market.

The list of the active substance is as follows:


This natural amino acid plays a role of a structural material for nitric oxide synthesis. Without an adequate synthesis of this chemical compound, normal erections will not occur. So, this ingredient can eliminate the signs of erectile dysfunction. It improves the quality of erections and gives a boost to bedroom satisfaction.

Pomegranate Ellagic Acid

It’s a component that makes the pill unique. There is no other male enhancement product which is so high in this acid. This ingredient is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Due to this, men restore their ability to attain and sustain sufficient erections. The pomegranate ellagic acid also helps maintain high nitric oxide levels which are important for good erections.


This organic form of sulphur strengthens the circulatory function and is indispensable for keeping cells and tissues healthy. New penile cells can grow due to the availability of this component in the supplement formula.


This essential amino acid doesn’t allow histidine to be converted into histamine. The decrease in histamine levels helps fight early ejaculation. Also, this ingredient enhances sexual stamina.


It’s a valuable mineral that participates in testosterone synthesis. High testosterone levels promote the increase in sex drive and the improvement of erections. This mineral also protects male fertility.


It’s a kind of specific fungus which has been famous even in ancient China for its exclusive aphrodisiac properties. It gives a boost to libido and safeguards the men’s sexual health. It has an influence on the brain area that regulates sexual arousal.

Vitamin B3

This vitamin facilitates the process of blood vessel relaxation. That’s why the intake of this vitamin helps men feel the difference in the erection quality before and after supplementation. It also increases bedroom stamina.

Treatment Efficacy

Just a few weeks are enough to extend sex time, boost libido, and start enjoying longer-lasting, fuller erections.

If you take the pill from 3 to 6 month, you are sure to experience hard erections, high sex drive, impressive sexual endurance, and all-night staying power.

It’s crucial not to interrupt the supplementation to reach the desired effects. So, everyday intake is required.

The longer supplementation lasts, the more satisfying results you can expect.

Dosage and Administration

The men should take 3 capsules per day to hit the target. Each pill has to be taken with meal to reach the highest efficacy.

The Bottom Line

Male Extra is a great non-prescription male enhancement product with a scientifically backed formula.

If you want to keep erections longer and harder for the time you need to fully please yourself and your partner, as well as to forget about fatigue in the bedroom and lack of sexual desire, then this supplement is for you.

A 60-day money back guarantee will be an additional bonus, meaning that you will not put your money at risk.

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