The Best Male Enhancement Pills in 2019

We are constantly dealing with a vast amount of information on different male creams, herbs, male enhancement pills, and even intricate devices targeted on the increase in sexual vigor, sex drive, penis length and thickness.

A huge choice of such male products gives evidence that men are often doubtful of their sexual potency.

But do male enhancement methods give the desirable effects?

We gathered the best-working male enhancement pills based on the following considerations:

1) Manufacturer must be well-established and trustworthy.
2) Official manufacturer’s website has to be a source of the newest, comprehensive, and clear information, as well as has to contain FAQ section.
3) Information on all the ingredients, including safety information and dosage regimen, has to be available.
4) Manufacturer has to protect the customers by providing money back guarantee.
5) Unreal promises are not worth trusting. You should trust only the manufacturer which can provide scientific evidence and proven facts.
6) Ascertain that you deal with real customer feedback.

1# VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus intensifies blood circulation in the penile area, which improves the quality of an erection and extends its duration.

The product’s herbal ingredients help prolong sexual intercourse and enhance sexual activity and endurance.

This main VigRX Plus active ingredient has been clinically tested for male enhancement efficiency.

Epimedium Leaf Extract and Muira Pauma Bark Extract are both beneficial ingredients on their own but, when blended together, the ingredients supposedly helps increase results.

#2 Male Extra

Male Extra is ranked second among the male enhancement pills.

Its high potential to combat weak erections, elevate testosterone levels, and deal with low sex drive helps the pill win a good reputation and earn popularity among the customers.

This product is familiar to the men for more than a decade.

Male Extra formula contains many ingredients including the trademarked ones which approach the issue of the men’s unsatisfactory sexual health in different ways.

Scientific support, doctor endorsements, and positive customer feedback ensure the pill safety and high efficacy.

#3 ProSolution

ProSolution is a completely natural male enhancement product used to normalize erectile function in men without any prescription.

Also, it helps maintain testosterone levels normal, has a strong positive influence on sex drive, and makes orgasms more intense. It’s possible to achieve a better erection firmness and higher libido due to the action of non-synthetic active substances.

This product is known for a one-of-a-kind formula because it contains the hugest amount of pomegranate ellagic acid, comparing to other male enhancers. Scientific support ensures safety and potency of this supplement.

#4 VigFX

VigFX is ranked as one of the best-acting non-synthetic male enhancers with a proven efficacy to positively change sexual performance in men.

This product also has a high potential to heal ED in a natural way.

The pill is 80-90% bioavailable. This means you will take the most out of supplementation.

The supplementation benefits are as follows:

Much better quality of erections
Opportunity to combat ED symptoms
Improvement of sex drive
Enlargement of manhood measurements
Restoration of testosterone balance
Increased sexual stamina and endurance
Enhancement of mood and wellness

#5 VigRX Oil

We couldn’t but included VigRX Oil to the ranking of the most effective male enhancement products which ensure the best gains in a natural way.

This product is the optimal solution for men who make the choice in favor of topical options and aspire to get quick results.

The oil activates nitric oxide synthesis almost in no time. For 73% of men who apply this product just about a minute is enough to attain a firm erection when needed.

You will benefit from:

Immediate sexual arousal
Transdermal mechanism of oil action
Strong natural ingredients
Perfect absorption
Amazing bedroom performance

Safety Aspect

Safety is what you should take into consideration first of all when deciding to use any male enhancement product.

There is no secret that nowadays the market is overflowing with the supplements which are claimed to repair the men’s sexual health. However, the situation is not as cloudless as it may seem.

How is it possible to check the male enhancer’s safety?

A safe male enhancer should be backed with the positive results of clinical trials. Thus, there are the reliable manufacturers which conduct animal and human studies to demonstrate the world that their products are harmless.

So, scientific evidence and opinions given by medical experts indicate that the pill is worth trusting and really can safely restore sexual potency in men.

At the same time, you should be aware that even a clinically backed male product may not be deprived of adverse reactions. But in this case, the honest manufacturer should obligatorily provide the information about possible adverse reactions on the supplement label.

Also, there is a probability that herbal active substances may interact with synthetic ingredients available in the supplement. That’s why if you take any synthetic drugs, even herbal pills are not recommended to you.

Ingredients Quality Control

The FDA safeguards the quality of active substances present in non-synthetic male enhancers to guarantee that these products don’t include the ingredients permitted just for prescription drugs.

Also, the FDA controls the quality of manufacturing facilities used to produce natural pills which boost male potency. When choosing a trustworthy supplement, don’t forget to make sure that this product is cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) marked. Availability of cGMP indication proves that the pill was manufactured complying with the highest quality standards.

There is a widespread opinion that the FDA doesn’t have any influence on the natural male enhancement industry. But in fact, it regulates male enhancement manufacturers on an on-going basis to ensure that the manufacturers don’t deceive the customers by telling their products have magical healing properties.

The FDA monitors and approves or disapproves the latest active substances which are launched into the market with the help of GRAS which means Generally Recognized as Safe status.

If the FDA finds out that any active substance available in the male enhancer may be dangerous to the men’s health, it warns a dishonest manufacturer. If nothing changes, the FDA further makes such a manufacturer to withdraw the unsafe product from sale.

In addition, the FDA checks whether the manufacturers of natural pills use proper supplement labeling, study the products as a whole, and/or verify raw materials.

Are Male Enhancers Effective?

How is it possible to understand whether a certain natural male enhancer is effective or useless?

Primarily, find as much customer feedback about a particular product as you can. The more comprehensive information you find the higher probability that you will really purchase an effective pill.

The positive findings of clinical trials also give evidence that you deal with an effective natural supplement.

A highly potent sexual potency booster should not only enhance sex drive and endurance but also contain the ingredients able to improve the overall men’s health.

If you are going to start supplementation, it’s crucial to be aware of what the supplement is and what it can give you. You shouldn’t expect unbelievable supplementation results.

The natural pills which claim to improve the men’s sex lives never provide immediate gains since they don’t include too powerful prescription ingredients. That’s why most probably you will buy a natural pill which should be taken for several months for better efficacy. Thus, the supplementation should last no less than 3 months to reach your goals.

It means that if you really count on supplementation as a way to restore your sex life, you have to be ready that the supplementation period will be quite long. And you will use the supplement for many months. But of course, if you aspire to experience the immediate effects, you should pay your attention to the well-advertised prescription medications which treat the impairment of erectile function.

You should realize that ED medications are prescribed by the doctors and enable men to have an erection when required. At the same time, the supplementation naturally repairs sexual function in men and demands the pill intake on a daily basis.

Major Advantages of Male Enhancement Pills

In fact, male enhancement pills give the men much more advantages than it might seem at first sight. The list of these advantages is here at your disposal:

  • Promotion of penile blood circulation never experienced before
  • Firm and full erections just like the very young guys have
  • Possibility to forget about disappointingly short erections
  • Intensification of orgasm brightness and powerfulness
  • Unbelievable sexual appetite
  • Revived sexual endurance and stamina
  • Improved bedroom performance
  • Revival of sexual and overall self-esteem
  • Opportunity to ease sexual disability manifestations
  • Enhanced urinary flow
  • Increased manhood size in the erect state
  • Stimulation of sperm synthesis
  • Supercharged well-esteem

As you can see, different aspects of the man’s health can benefit from the use of top-notch male enhancers.

Does Penis Enlargement Happen?

Too many myths actually surround the use of male enhancement pills which are nowadays so extremely popular among the men from all over the world.

One of such myths claims that such pills are so potent that can easily enlarge your member. However, this can be true only partially.

If you carefully choose the supplements which enhance sexual potency, the best-working ones include the ingredients able to stimulate nitric oxide secretion.
Nitric oxide has the power which is enough to relax the vessels throughout the body. And those ones in the manhood are not an exception.

The relaxation means that the member muscles become as wide as necessary to completely fill the penis with blood. Under the influence of nitric oxide, the blood virtually rushes into the penis. As a result, the erection occurs. And this erection is as strong and solid as never before. That’s why the erect penis seems and actually is larger than usually. But you should understand that this effect is possible only in the erect state.
So, of course, it’s not worth too seriously count on the manhood enlargement if you take male enhancers. And this is truth even if you use the best pills ever.

Is Permanent Penis Size Increase Possible?

As you already know, manhood size may increase during the intake of male enhancement pills only till you sustain your erection. So, these pills can really make the erection pleasantly fuller and firmer giving you the feeling of a bigger penis.
But as soon as your erection vanishes, you will see that your member is still of the same size as before the erection. It means that the penis thickness enlargement is temporary.
Regardless of the brand and pill content, sexual potency enhancers are not able to cause permanent increase of manhood measurements. If you are looking for the permanent results, you should apply for definitive therapy. That is, you should consider surgical procedures which help the men get the member of satisfactory size.

Male Enhancement: Pills vs Cream

Some men feel quite skeptical about the necessity to take any pills, even the most reliable non-synthetic male enhancement pills. Such men try to find the other ways to improve their erections and virility. This demand created an appropriate supply in the form of cream for sexual enhancement.
The comparison of both cream and pills efficacy gave evidence that the latter option features a much higher convenience and potential to help the men tackle their intimate issues.
If you use the supplement as it is stated by the manufacturer, you will definitely notice the positive changes soon. However, the application of cream is much more intricate than it may seem at first sight.
Thus, it’s difficult to precisely determine how much cream to use in order to achieve the best effect. Also, smearing on the clothes is one more problem since due to this the cream efficacy drops. In addition, this is inconvenient for the men.

It should also be noted that the use of cream may be fraught with skin allergic reactions even if you are not prone to any allergies. But if you already had a bad experience of skin allergies, you should display special vigilance when applying cream. One of the most frustrating things you may face is a penile rash. Skin irritation and even allergy in the partner are also possible.
So, it’s recommended to give preference to male enhancers in the pill form instead of experimenting with cream.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Compatible with Prostate Problems?

Nowadays, many men unfortunately have prostate issues which don’t let the men live the full life. That’s why the men who suffer from prostate diseases often doubt whether male enhancement pills are suitable for them.

So, if your prostate is enlarged, you underwent prostate surgery or you went through prostate removal, you shouldn’t worry. In all these cases, penis supplements will give you necessary assistance for meeting your goals successfully.

Get Acquainted with the Ingredients

Actually, there is no strict legal regulation in the sphere of natural male enhancement products. The FDA doesn’t have a direct impact on such products and supplementation industry as a whole.

If you want to purchase the natural pill to give a boost to your erectile function and sex drive and at the same time save your health, it’s obligatorily to read the product label. You should exactly know what’s inside the bottle.

You need this information in order to conduct own investigation. Being aware of the ingredients included to your supplement, you should learn how each of them will influence your sexual function in particular and your overall health in general.

There are a huge number of reviews on each ingredient which can be found in the most famous male enhancers.

By reading them, you will understand which supplement can help you, while which will be ineffective.

Also, there is the list of recalls and warnings provided by the FDA. It’s recommended to get acquainted with this list to know for sure whether you choose a safe product.

If you select the male enhancer on the manufacturer’s official website, don’t grudge time for familiarizing yourself with all available information not only concerning the ingredients, but also concerning the general user guidelines, dosage, and study findings.

Health Risk Appraisal

If you wish to use any male enhancer of non-synthetic origin, it’s advisable to visit a medical expert beforehand.

Don’t try to perform the doctor’s functions. Let the professional to appraise the health risks you may run when starting supplementation.

You should inform the doctor about all your medical conditions and about the medications you take. The matter is that the herbal pills are known for their ability to interact with prescription drugs. This may lead to unpleasant adverse reactions.

The healthcare expert will consider all health issues and will even tell you undergo a medical examination before allowing you to use natural pills. Only in this case, you can be sure that the supplementation will be beneficial for you instead of causing new health problems.

Money Protection

The natural male enhancers are of course not as expensive as surgical procedures, penis devices, and prescription medications. That’s why the natural pills offer a great opportunity to save a large sum of money. And this is not all.

The well-established supplement manufacturers provide different kinds of money back guarantees which ensure the customers’ money protection.

Usually, the refund period according to the money back guarantee is valid for no less than 60 days. Why do the manufacturers choose such duration of the refund period? That’s because the supplementation should last for at least 2 months to see its real efficacy. One-month supplementation is not enough to fully understand whether you really get the desired effects. The manufacturers take into account this fact, trying to protect their customers to the maximum extent.

In addition, many manufacturers offer highly favourable package deals. It means that it’s much cheaper to purchase a few supplement bottles at once. In this case, you will not pass up an opportunity to get a free supplement bottle or some additional male enhancement products. So, you will get more for less.

Overadvertised Male Enhancers

There is a wide spectrum of the sexual potency boosters for men which are claimed to give amazing results. Here it’s crucial not to put blind trust in hype claims.

You shouldn’t forget that the penis pills don’t work wonders. Male enlargement pills will not magically turn you into a sex machine. And of course, the natural supplements can’t ensure permanency of the achieved results.

If the manufacturers try to persuade you that such drastic changes are possible, you should think critically. The dishonest manufacturers just want to sell their products. They don’t actually care what will happen after you purchase the pill.

What will the top-notch safe non-synthetic male enhancer give you? It is sure to increase the firmness and fullness of your erect penis, as well as to prolong an erection itself. Such a product will also help you become sexually aroused faster and easier.

It will enhance sex drive, brighten orgasms, make sexual activity more frequent, improve stamina and endurance, strengthen sexual health, and rebuild sexual confidence.

These effects will last till you continue the supplementation.

If your goal is to achieve the permanent results, you should pay your attention not on the overadvertised natural pills but on the other male enhancement methods. By the way, the natural supplementation can successfully complement all the other male enhancement techniques.

Is It Worth Telling Women about Supplementation?

Many men prefer to hide the fact of taking any male potency boosters from their female partners. That’s because the women’s attitude to such boosters is uncertain.

First of all, the woman who knows her man is taking a male enhancer will think that something is wrong with her. The woman will start thinking she can’t sexually arouse her partner because she is unattractive anymore. So, she will take it personally.

Secondly, women worry about potential adverse reactions much more than men. Natural skepticism characteristic to women makes them analyze possible supplementation consequences more precisely than men do. Unlike men, women rarely believe that some natural pills are truly favourable for the men’s sexual function.

In this situation, you should behave wisely and patiently. You should make every effort to change your woman’s attitude towards male enhancement products. It depends on you whether your partner feels beloved and confident. Your partner should know that she is the most attractive woman in the world for you even if you temporarily have low libido or are not completely satisfied with the erection hardness.

Together with your female partner, you should openly discuss all the supplementation issues which concern the woman. Try to explain the partner that the supplementation will not only improve your sex life, but will also enhance your overall health and rebuild your relationship. That’s why the intake of natural male enhancers is mutually beneficial.

Male Enhancement Pills Intake Recommendations

If you want the male enhancement pill intake to be maximally useful, it’s recommended to follow some recommendations:

Consider the Manufacturer’s User Guidelines

Never ignore the intake instructions provided by the manufacturer because it’s a sure way to get the most beneficial supplementation results. Usually, it’s necessary to take the male enhancers twice per day. But 3-time intake is also possible.

In addition, the intake of many male enhancement pills often depends on food timing. Thus, some of them have to be taken before breakfast, while the others should be used during or after food consumption.

So, don’t forget to read the product label before you start taking the pill.

Increase Daily Water Intake

Each man who takes the male enhancement pill has to drink a lot of water. If you get enough water, the active substances present in the product formula will be digested and absorbed much better.

If the body is dehydrated, the male enhancement remedy will not work for you properly. So, take care of the sufficient daily water intake to get the best out of your pill.

Avoid Combining Several Brands

If you start the supplementation with a certain pill brand, you should further continue taking this pill till you finish the course. It’s a mistaken approach to take several types of penis pills at the same time. In such a way, you will not facilitate and/or accelerate the supplementation and will not experience the best gains.

The combination of several brands may cause unpleasant side effects. Also, you will not be able to find out which pill ensures the most satisfactory effects and which product is helpless or even harmful. So, it’s possible to clearly feel the pill potency if you use only one brand.

Make Sure You Don’t Use ED Prescription Medications and Non-Prescription Pills at the Same Time

The most dangerous penis enlargement approach is to take the prescription medications which cure the impairment of erectile function along with the non-prescription pills.

Both of these pills work by widening the penile blood vessels. It means that the effects of these pills will superpose each other. This will result in the occurrence of terrifying adverse effects, for example a sudden drop in blood pressure.

The necessity for use of any prescription medications, even if they are not related to the intimate issues causes the necessity for a professional doctor’s advice. Only the medical expert can determine which treatment or supplementation will be safe and effective for you.

Possible Side Effects of Male Enhancement Pills

The male enhancement pills feature different likelihood of side effects depending on the pill origin.

Thus, the intake of prescription pills which contain synthetic ingredients may be fraught with unsafe side effects. Such pills may negatively affect the functioning of cardiovascular system, liver, and kidneys. They also may cause the impairment of hearing and vision.

When taking the top-notch natural male enhancement products, the men run a small risk of the adverse reaction occurrence. Even if the adverse effects happen, they are mild and include:

  • Indigestion
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Sleeplessness
  • Weakness
  • Anxiety

Strict adherence to the user instructions will help the men avoid any side effects and give a boost to the male sexual activity.

The Bottom Line

The most advanced male enhancement products have a multi-faceted approach to the improvement of male sexual health.

Some products only enable the users to retain the ability to have erections, while the others effectively relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, restore sex drive, increase strength and stamina, and even fight hormonal imbalance in men.

It’s possible to choose either prescription male enhancers or natural supplements depending on the man’s needs and preferences. But regardless of the choice, the pill intake should be supervised by the healthcare practitioner.

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