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Erectile Disfunction Issues And A Penis Pump


Erectile Dysfunction or ED can be caused by a number of factors including medications, anti-depressants particularly SSRI’s, stress, aging, prostate surgery and medical conditions to name a few.

Penis Pump: A Natural Method

While there is no one guaranteed solution to combat ED, there are some techniques, exercises and products which, particularly when used in combination can be effective in helping to achieve and maintain erections.

Using a penis pump is one of the most natural methods of improving blood flow, and helping to achieve erections for men with ED. Provided you follow the recommended pumping programme-available free from D.VICE.

A penis pump forces blood into the penis by use of creating a vacuum, over time and with regular use, a penis pump can make it easier to achieve and erection, improve sensation, help you to have firmer erections and decrease recovery time. Many men also notice their penis increases in length and width over the time they use the pump.

Once you have mastered the technique of using a penis pump, a task we recommend you try on or own for 2-3 weeks ( maximum of 3 times per week) before using it before sex with a partner, you can then add in a stretchy cock ring – we recommend the Tantus stretchy silicone cock ring.

Penis Pump: Practice Makes Perfect

Place a little lubricant on the inside of the cock ring to make this process a little easier. Again, we recommend gaining confidence by practising on your own before introducing into your preparation for sex with a partner.

This cock ring has a wide band that creates a good amount of pressure, around the base of the penis AND testicles and will keep the blood in the penis for a longer erection and stronger build up to orgasm. Men have been using cock rings for thousands of years and they are very effective for climax control both for men who find it difficult to achieve and erection and those who ejaculate more quickly than they would like to.

This combination is suitable for men who are not able to use herbal erection pills or pharmaceuticals such as Cialis or other male enlargement pills due to high blood pressure. If high blood pressure is not an issue, then you may be able to add an erection pill with your pumping and cock ring combination.



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