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The Big Number: Up to 90 percent rise in depression among college students in pandemic’s early months, study finds

The rate of depression among college students was up to 90 percent higher in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, compared with pre-pandemic levels, according to an analysis of how disruptions in students’ daily life affected their mental health. At highest risk for depression were students whose physical activity declined the most in that […]

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The Day - As with Great Depression, GOP goes missing when it comes to helping common folk

Déjà vu! My late grandmother lived through the Great Depression and told me her story. President Hoover did little to help the suffering people from 1929-1932. In 1932 the Democratic governor of New York, Franklin D. Roosevelt, ran for president and offered hope. He won in a landslide. When he took office in 1933, he […]

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[Full text] Magnitude of depression, anxiety, and stress during COVID

Background The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has emerged in Wuhan city, Hubei province of China, spread nationwide alarmingly on top of half a dozen in other countries between December 2019 and early 2020.1 On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic disease and call for countries to work […]

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Beta-blockers not likely to cause depression yet may contribute to sleep disturbances

DALLAS, March 15, 2021 -- Beta-blockers treat various cardiovascular diseases and were not more likely to cause depression compared to other similar treatments, according to new research published today in Hypertension, an American Heart Association journal. While depression may occur during beta-blocker therapy, the research suggests beta-blockers are not the likely cause. Beta-blockers are a […]

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Pandemic's mental health burden heaviest among young adults

The pandemic has closed schools, offices, sports arenas and limited social interaction for millions of people -- perhaps an even bigger struggle for young people more used to being active. In a recent survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 63% of 18- to-24-year-olds reported symptoms of anxiety or depression, with 25% […]

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Researchers find link between depression and gut health

A link has been found between depression and stomach ulcers in one of the largest ever trial looking at of genetic factors in peptic ulcer disease. A team from the University of Queensland (UQ) say they have found evidence to suggest that the gut and brain work together in a way that has never before […]

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Magnitude of depression, anxiety, and stress during COVID

Temesgen Yihunie Akalu,1 Kassahun Alemu Gelaye,1 Mulat Addis Bishaw,2 Sewbesew Yitayih Tilahun,3 Yigizie Yeshaw,4 Telake Azale,5 Tewodros Tsegaye,2 Daniel Asmelash,6 Yonas Akalu4 1Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Institute of Public Health, University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia; 2Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia; 3Department of Psychiatry, School […]

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Psychedelic therapy could 'reset' depressed brain - BBC News

Psychedelic therapy could 'reset' depressed brain  BBC News

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China February exports post record surge from COVID-19-depressed 2020 levels

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s February exports grew at a record pace from a year earlier when COVID-19 battered the world’s second-biggest economy, customs data showed on Sunday, while imports rose less sharply. FILE PHOTO: Cranes and containers are seen at the Yantian port in Shenzhen, following the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, Guangdong province, China […]

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Draymond Green calls out "Depressed Warriors fan" in late-night tweet

Let's add #DraymondGreenAfterDark to the fun list of social media trends, shall we? OK, so it was only one night. But the Warriors forward engaged with Dub Nation on Twitter for an extended amount of time Saturday night, and in true Draymond fashion, he didn't disappoint.  In fact, when a Twitter user with the name […]

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