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Bathmate Series

The Bathmate Series is a newly designed water based penis pump. Those that have used it have nothing but good things to say about it. The Bathmate Series is designed to be the most comfortable and effective penis pump on the market. Beyond its excellent craftsmanship and customer based business model the Bathmate Series is able to offer a wide array of results.


The most obvious result of using the Bathmate Series is enlargement. The Bathmate Series provides the results of both length and girth enlargement. It does this through increasing the size of vessels in the Corpora Cavernosa by exerting pressure on the penis. With the increase of size in these vessels the penis is able to hold a larger volume of blood when excited resulting in longer and thicker erections. The penis will also remain larger while flaccid too. The enlargement of the penis can be made to be permanent as well when using the Bathmate Series. This result is achieved through gradually increasing the strength of gaiters used.


Another Bathmate Series result is an increase in strength. While the penis is in the chamber force is exerted upon the penis causing it to have to retain its rigidity for as long as the Bathmate Series is in use. When the force is released the penis goes back to resting and can focus on rebuilding its strength. This works in much the same way a muscle can be worked out to become stronger. When using the Bathmate Series the penis is essentially getting a workout. If it is allowed to rest properly it will gradually build up in its strength being able to provide firmer and more powerful erections as time progresses. The fact that the Bathmate Series provides differing strengths of gaiters allows the user to increase the intensity of his “workout” and continue to add strength to his penis.


Another result of using the Penomet is an increase in libido. This result is brought about by the Bathmate Series allowing blood to flow more easily to the penis. While the penis is pressurized in the Bathmate Series it allows veins and blood vessels to dilate completely allowing greater quantities of blood to flow down to the penis at greater speeds. This means no more weighting around to feel “in the mood.” When your partner is ready you can be ready too. Also, the added length and girth can help to mentally stimulate your mind and increase libido in that way.


Another great Penomet results is increase in confidence. Having a couple extra inches of length and girth can do wonders to a man’s confidence in the bedroom. The truth is size does matter, and with using the Penomet the worry of wondering whether or not your penis is large enough is taken away by getting you to the size you always wanted to be. It also provides the confidence of being able to produce an erection whenever is wanted and also eliminates the worry of being able to keep up with your partner through its increase in erection strength and endurance. This result is very nice as the importance of confidence in the bedroom can never be underestimated.