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Natural Testosterone Boost: How Can You Help Yourself?

Natural testosterone pills are an excellent alternative way to stimulate adequate testosterone production using the power of nature.Testosterone is the leading sex hormone for the male body. Thanks to it, the stronger sex develops masculine features such as gruff voice, male-pattern hair growth, strong muscles, leadership skills, endurance, aggression, etc. In addition, testosterone regulates libido, male potency, and high-quality spermatogenesis. Recently, relatively young and healthy men have begun to increasingly experience insufficient testosterone production. This worsens the men’s overall health and sexual function in particular. Moreover, testosterone in men decreases with age. But it’s possible to avoid the health problems if you take the necessary measures in time. What are these measures? (more…)

Porn Addiction and Its Potential Threats to Teenagers’ Sexual Development 

Pornography is accessible even to pets nowadays. High-speed internet and all-permeating online advertisement tempt people to visit porn sites and watch hot videos. Are these videos psychologically non-hazardous or should be avoided anyhow? Dozens of psychological research institutions conclude numerous investigations involving people of different age, sex, social and marital status, and level of sexual experience.


New Zealand runner confessed in porn addiction

The New Zealand runner, Silver winner of Beijing Olympic Games, Nick Willis, has publicly confessed in porn addiction. This is informed by The Sun.

As the mass media mentioned, the sportsman has fought this harmful additions for two years. Willis has made his public confession on his personal Facebook page. The light athletics sportsman has informed that despite the great fuss in mass media, he did not regret of what he had declared. (more…)

Three disastrous mistakes of give-up-ers

The reality I might want to offer today to you, young men, is quite new. Perhaps you have acclimated with it some place. In any case, here insufficient consideration is paid to that. Individuals stress a lot over erectile brokenness brought about by explicit entertainment, dopamine here and thither, testosterone and other hormone levels, contamination, and so forth. In any case, very few individuals are stressed over how to effectively defeat this fixation. (more…)

How about, if she wanted all the time?

Coolidge effect is able to suppress our greatest desires

Several years ago, scientists from Germany mentioned that in relations with time, sexual wish is being lost preferably in women, and the intention to display tender emotions – among men. In fact, the more disappointed partner absolutely logically supposes that he/she would be much happier if he/she had quite high sex levels.


Myths of masturbation

How much of masturbation is normal for me? Weight all pros and cons and make an experiment
Were you ever influenced with a thought that for a grown-up person masturbation is “useful as live water”? How about that all types of orgasms are the same? That the notion of “excessive ejaculation” does not exist?  Or that if you do not masturbate, your health will suffer “horrible” consequences? (more…)

New determination of porn addiction

In 1954 in the United States the specific Society was founded. It is studying the problematics of addiction and researches such problems. Recently, the American Society of Addiction Medicine has mentioned that addiction to sexual stimuli can also be seen as another type of this problem. This statement marked the breakthrough in addictology. See the details below.