Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction, also called ED, is a very common problem for men all around the world. In America alone erectile dysfunction affects up to 30 million of men. Erectile dysfunction means consistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection strong enough for sexual intercourse, needed to please yourself and your partner. Most men happen to go through some kind of inability to have or keep an erection by the time they are 40, but these rare cases are usually not considered erectile dysfunction. When such symptoms happen to a man repeatedly, then doctor consultation is advised, as most probably, erectile dysfunction treatment of the symptoms might be required. Erectile dysfunction mostly has physical causes, which can as well be combined with psychological issues. No matter what caused erectile dysfunction and what symptoms you have, with all the technological and scientific innovations in the recent years, erectile disfunction is now treatable at any age.

Erectile dysfunction is not only a physical problem, but even more – psychological. Rare cases of inability to get or keep an erection long enough usually do not affect a man mentally, but if this keeps happening over and over again, any man will become anxious and concerned about his health and sexual performance. Such nervousness can worsen the situation with erection problems and lean to serious emotional problems in bed and in relationship. Erectile dysfunction symptoms are usually a reason for lowering of self-esteem and depressions in many men. Although erectile dysfunction is not inevitable in the process of growing older, don’t get to stressed-out, if you happen to have erection problems, as most of ED symptoms are cured.

Other diseases and general health condition affect sexual performance and can cause erectile dysfunction. For example, diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, atherosclerosis and alcoholism take up to 70% of erectile dysfunction cases, while psychological issues only cause from 10 to 20% of ED cases. Diabetes is the most common symptom of erectile dysfunction, and if you suffer from diabetes, be prepared to have ED symptoms at some point, as over 50% of men, who have diabetes, suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The most visible symptom of erectile dysfunction is, of course, inability to receive or sustain a long enough erection, needed in order to complete a sexual intercourse. And the more often this happens to you, the more likely it is that you are having ED. Don’t get upset and don’t think your sexual life is over, if you start having problems with potency. Many men live with this problem and their sexual life is happy and successful. You will also be able to find the right solution to fight your erectile dysfunction problems and will live a healthy sexual life and will be able to make your partner happy! If you are having persistent problems with some process of an erection (frequently unable to have an erection, when masturbating or having sexual stimulation with a partner, or often unable to maintain your erection long enough or hard enough to complete sexual activity), then you need to see your physician and check for possibility of having erectile dysfunction.

With erectile dysfunction symptoms, it is easy to diagnose ED. Visit your doctor and inform him about the problems you are having during sex. Make it as soon as possible, the sooner you see your doctor, the sooner you will be able to return your sexual life back to normal. Your doctor will first review your patient history to see possible causes, which could lead to ED problems (maybe a surgery or an injury, which previously happened to you). In some cases, your erectile dysfunction symptoms might be caused by side effects of certain drugs you are currently taking, and all ED symptoms will go away as soon as you stop taking these drugs.

In most cases, additional physical examination of doctor and medical tests will be required to find the right cure for ED for you. The doctor will check, if your penis is touch-sensitive, thus checking the work of nervous system in the penis. He will examine possible abnormalities with patterns of hair growth, enlargement of breasts, which can indicate possible problems with hormone level and improper work of endocrine system. Physician will check your pulse and heart rate in order to see any possible problems with blood pressure or work of heart, as well as problems with blood circulation. Unusual reaction of penis on erection will also be examined by your doctor to indicate possibility of having Peyronie’s disease.

Tests, made in laboratory for indicating possible causes of ED will mostly include blood tests, urine analysis, creatinine measurements, checking of liver enzymes and other. Measurements of testosterone levels in blood and erection monitoring are other common lab tests performed, if erectile disfunction is suspected. A nocturnal erection testing is sometimes used to check if the symptoms are correct. Your doctor should also advice you to see a psychologist and talk to him about your erection problems.

Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor and tell him about your problems if you notice any erectile dysfunction symptoms. Be sure, there is a cure for your potency problems, and the sooner you will find it, the sooner this problem will vanish from your life!

Testosterone Boosters and Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Viagra Alternatives Give Men with ED Hope

Natural Cures vs Synthetic Drugs

The reality is that synthetic Viagra and the drugs similar to it are suitable not for everyone. High cost and a wide range of adverse effects make men with erectile dysfunction search for natural Viagra alternatives. The main advantage of such cures is their natural origin; that is, natural ingredients. The natural equivalents to Viagra are safe and reliable. Moreover, prescription is not necessary to purchase them. The natural cures help treat mild to moderate impotence. But in more complex cases, such as severe violations of the blood supply of the penis, congenital or acquired anatomical defects of the cavernous body, genital injuries, etc., the patients should look for other treatment methods.

Highly Competent Approach

Do not pull the plug on your sex life. However, self-medication is not a way out. Impotence requires a competent approach. You should turn to the professionals with extensive experience in this field. Only in this case you will restore normal erections quickly and reliably, as well as without undesirable adverse effects and harm to the overall health, which often accompany the use of disputable drugs and therapies. Forskolin Vs Hoodia Gordoni.

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